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Take control and grow your Super. Let us show you ways to make the most of what you have to achieve the retirement lifestyle you want. Secure your future today.

Whether you’re starting out, at the height of your career or prepping for retirement, there are options you can take to build a better future. We work hard for our income, so it’s imperative that your funds are used effectively to grow your Super for your retirement.

Most employers currently contribute 9.5% of your salary into your super account. However, is this enough for you to continue your particular lifestyle in retirement?.

Let us connect you with a Super expert to show you how to take control and boost your super.

Tips To Grow Your Super

Regular Contributions

In addition to the 9.5% employer contribution, if you put some additional money each week into your superannuation account, the difference can be remarkable.

Consolidate Your Super

It is a good idea to consolidate all your balances into one account. You can minimise your account management fees, one fund is easier to manage, and there are less paperwork to worry about.

Find Your Unclaimed Super

Over $17 billion is sitting in unclaimed super funds. If you have had an employer choose a fund on your behalf, or if you've ever changed jobs or address, chances are that some of those lost Super could be yours.

Review Your Super

Your super fund should be working hard for you, so it's important to review it at least once a year to see how it's performing, if the features suit your current needs, or if it's worth switching.

Understand How Super Works

Some of the things you should know about your Super include how much fund you have, getting a feel of how much you'll need, or knowing the fees associated with it.

Turn Trash Into Cash

There might be a lot of hidden treasures lying around you home that could be better utilised and turned into cash for your super. Maybe it's time for a garage sale.

Seek Expert Advice

Talk to a Super expert or financial planner, ask a lot of questions, and make sure you fully understand the benefits and their fees before engaging their services.

Need Some Super Advice?

Whether you are interested in growing your super faster, or curious about your super fund’s performance, or wondering if you are on track with your retirement plan, or simply just have some questions, we are here to help.

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